Diving is an important part of our journey. As you travel on the water, you would miss half of it if you do not often put your head in the water to see what happens under the surface. Whether Freedive or Scuba depends a lot on the local conditions and the mood.
Without my passion for diving, I probably would never have started sailing and probably never came to this trip. That does not mean that we go diving several times a day – there is a lot to discover above the water too. But in some places we visit, it makes no sense not to breathe compressed air several times a day. Especially since we live in many cases so directly above the spot at anchor or at a buoy, all you have to do is roll yourself into the water.

I have started to prepare and plan your trip from various sources to create a data collection of interesting dive sites. What for other people on a journey is visting the museum xy or the club yz is for me more of a certain wall, wreck or reef.
In many places, the dive spots determine the route planning and length of stay in that area.

Not for all areas reliable information or even GPS coordinates can be found immediately. But with a little effort you can find a lot of information on the net, old books or even magazines.

Alone the number of possibilities in such a large and attractive area are incredible.

I have already imported some of the possible spots into the map.

FITTI Divemap

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A Youtube Playlist to some of the spots:

I will list the highlights of each section on the route info pages.

Unfortunately for the allt that fun you also need a lot of technology and equipment on board. In this context, I would like to thank XDeep for their support. Since I rather prefer Sidemount as Backmount diving we have Sidemount Jackets and Stages as well as Backmount Jackets.
Our compressor is a Coltri MCH 6, which we can either run on electricity or gasoline. Since we are often kind of remote, we also have a larger amount of oxygen in case of emergencies. Basically, safety it always most important. We always stay within the limits and, if possible, only take small risks. But a residual risk always stays, otherwise we could have stayed at home 😉

In order to prepare myself for such a trip in the best possible way, I have been able to enjoy many dive trainings in recent years. You can find them listed here if you are interested.

The trip is also about meeting nice people. In a small changing group of nice people such a trip is much more interesting and there is always a lot to do on a sailing trip and we are happy have some help with the daily life on board.
As there are also routes where we sail a bit, sailing experience is not required in all cases. Especially in some nice diving areas, the boat will not move much a lot. Since I do not want to teach all the time, which would be rather stressful and steal some time for other options, you should at least have the Open Water Diver (OWD) and done a few dives.

Since I was often on the boat with others, I always found it helpful when it was relatively clear in advance what was going on. Then everybody knows what to expect. For this purpose, we have created a page regarding the Boatlife which should clarify this.

If you would like to join us on a leg, you will find all the information about joining us here. That page also tells you what we would like to know about you. Just replace the sailing license and the sailing experience with OWD and diving experience in the text of that page 🙂